Mermaid Fin is a Lala-Oopsies Littles Mermaid.


Fin has not been given a personality, nor a pet, nor an older sister.


Fin has light pink skin, dark pink cheeks, and black button eyes. She has her hair pulled into a small bun on top, held together with a star and two pearls. The right side and top of her hair is lavender, while the left side is a darker purple with lilac spots on it. Fin is wearing a scaled orange sleeveless top with pearls lacing the top of it. She has a pink right arm that is lightly darker than her face coloring, and a pink left arm that is identical to the right except for the fact that it has darker pink stripes on it. She is wearing a dark pink tutu, and has a dark orange tail that ends with a magenta flip on the right side, and a larger purple flip on the left side.