Princess Anise loves sharing stories about her massive collection of pretty keepsakes, but throwing tea parties is what she loves best of all.Princess Anise is the Princess of Knick-knacks.  She is a right girly-girl who rules over the kingdom of all things precious and pretty!

Princess Of...



Princess Anise has light blue skin with rosy pink cheeks, black button eyes that have a blue circle around her left eye. She has a orange crown perched on the middle of her head. Her hair is in two buns that resemble balls of yarn. The ball on the right side of her head is small and light blue, while the ball on the left side of her head is slightly larger, pink, and has a light blue pin in front of it. She has bangs that are pink on the right side, and light blue on the left side with dark blue spots, and a small cowlick that goes down her forehead. Anise has a blue right arm and a light pink left arm. She has a frilly collar on her dress, with a marroon right sleeve and a blue left sleeve that end in bows with their corresponding colors. Her dress is a dark pink, with a black and white belt in the middle with a black bow on the left side. Her dress ends in two dark pink bows, and a black ribbon. She has a black and white striped right leg, and a light blue left leg with darker blue polka dots. Her shoes are ballet slippers that are dark pink with a lighter pink bow on the right side, and black with a blue bow on the left side.


Anise's pet is a blue kitten with a dark pink bow and cheeks. Her haid and tail are a darker shade of blue than her body. Below her chin is a white stretched semi-circle with 2 black dots going down the middle. She has 2 big black button eyes and a cross for a mouth. Half hidden below her bow are two light blue circles. Her left ear has a dark pink centre and the right ear has a black centre.


  • One of her buns has knitting needles in, whilst the others do not.