Princess Lavender is a Mini Lala-Oopsie who comes with the 3 Floating Islands playset. She has not been given a pet so far.
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Princess Lavender is very funny and is always ready for a great joke. She's perfect when it comes to turning a frown upside-down and cheering up a sad friend. Lavender is very bright and loves to make a big splash!

Princess of...Edit



Princess Lavender has light pink skin with a lilac crown tilted to the right. She has several black lines at the bottom of her eyes and dark pink cheeks. She has two messy buns on either side of her head. On her right side, there's a wide, short puce bun, while on her left side there's a thinner, slightly taller dark pink bun. Her bangs are dark pink on the right and light pink on the left, with two color-matching cowlicks on either side. Lavender has a dark pink dotted left arm with a black sleeve, and a puce striped right arm with a dark pink sleeve. She is wearing a purple dress with a collar that has a dark pink belt. She has a puce left leg wearing a darker pink ballet slipper with a ribbon, and a dark pink and black striped left leg wearing a black ballet slipper with a ribbon.